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Side Dishes

Please note about handling

Expiration date
Kanpyo /Shiitake mushroom slices ...210 days from the date of manufacture
Yuba Ankake ... 120 days from the date of manufacture

Preservation method
Kanpyo ... Cold and dark place
Shiitake mushroom slice / Yuba ankake ... Refrigerate 10 ℃ or less

Kanpyo / Shiitake mushroom slices ...Please use as it is without heating.After opening, store in a refrigerator at 10 ℃ or below and use immediately.
Yuba Ankake ... After opening, we recommend that you use up as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

Seasoned Kanpyo (domestic processing)

Product specifications
1 kg x 10 p/c
Raw material name
Dried dried gourd (made in China), sugar, soy sauce, salt, mirin, brewed vinegar, dried bonito, kelp, (some include soybeans and wheat)

Seasoned shiitake mushroom slices (domestic processing)

Product specifications
1 kg x 10 p/c
500 g x 20 p/c
Raw material name
Sugar (domestic production), dried shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, salt, kelp, brewed vinegar, (some include soybeans and wheat)

Fushimi Bijin Kyoto's Seasoned Yuba Ankake

Product specifications
200 g x 40 p/c
Raw material name
Yuba (soybean (not genetically modified)) (domestic production), sugar, soy sauce, dried bonito, mirin, salt, sake lees seasoning, kelp / thickening polysaccharide, (some include soybean and wheat)
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